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Ways to follow WWDC if you’re not cool enough to be there

WWDC 2011 is today and there should be some pretty good announcements at the keynote including iCloud, iOS 5, and additional details on Mac OS 10.7 Lion. Here are some places you can follow the action.

Live Coverage sites:

Also, you can follow people (and by people I mean Mac or iOS developers) like @marcoarment on Instagram and you’ll probably see a nice photostream of WWDC images. I highly recommend Carousel by the awesome folks at Mobelux who make the Tumblr iPhone app.

Happy birthday, Steve.

Someone photoshop a party hat onto him.

MWSF Predictions

I’ll start this off:

  • New Mac Mini - it’s been too damn long since a revision. I’m thinking a smaller model sans CD/DVD drive, new black and aluminum design to match new products, DVI is replaced with Display Port (to work with that new display) , new non-integrated graphics, and an optional SSHD. All for under $1000, hopefully.
  • iLife and iWork ‘09 - they sorta have to do this now. What could they add? Well, my guess is that they’d add some sort of Mobile Me integration… like a web version of pages and keynote and numbers… maybe more iPhone support as well. As for iLife… A new version of iMovie that sucks less.
  • iPhone Stuff - I think we are going to hear something about iPhone. Possibilities include: A larger capacity 3G, an iPhone Mini, and/or new colors. I think that last one is pretty much guaranteed.
  • Other - There’s always the chance that they’ll pull something out of nowhere. The rumor mill has been surprisingly quiet this time around, unlike at other recent events where we’ve basically known about everything 2 weeks in advanced.

What about Steve? In my dreams he’ll make a guest appearance.